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Welcome Everyone

I'm so glad you came. My greatest joy is sharing my stories, images and music with people.

My characters grow and have the opportunity to examine themselves and their place in the world on a deep level. My works are intended to entertain and inform all readers, regardless of gender, while creating strong, complex female as well as male characters who face realistic challenges in their lives.

In my Novel, Beyond the Shallow Bank, an artist named Margaret overcomes oppression to become a magazine illustrator in 1901. After suffering a life changing crisis, she searches for who she is and what she truly wants amidst rumors of the selkies from Celtic mythology. My epic fantasy series The Carandir Saga consisting of Dragons Unremembered and Half Awakened Dreams takes place in a gender balanced world where women and men have the same rights, opportunities and authority. My science fiction novelette, Something on My Mind explores a future where every mind is constantly linked.

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I am a member of the Writers' Union of Canada, representing Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje, as well as the Canadian Freelance Guild and the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, where I sit on the Writer's Council. My home is in a rural Nova Scotia town near the sea.


Diana Tibert wrote an article on her blog about my latest fantasy novel, Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir Saga.

Dragons Unremembered and Half Awakened Dreams were presented at the 2020 Frankfurt International Book Fair, October 12th through the 18th, 2020. This is the second consecutive year that I have participated in this event, which is the largest of its kind in the world. Publishers from around the world gathered online this year to seek international rights for translation.


In addition to being an author, I write short stories, poetry and offer professional writing services for businesses, university and governments providing articles, product reviews, business plans, security plans and more.

I am also a stage actor, musician, composer, videographer and professional photographer. My books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Indigo and independent bookstores. If your local bookseller does not stock my work, ask them to order it from the Ingram catalogue.

Blog Posts and Social Media

My blog posts are hosted on my publisher's website, Cape Split Press. I can be found on social media. Log on to Facebook and search for David Wimsett or Cape Split Press. Follow me on Twitter @davidawimsett and on Goodreads. You can also view my Amazon Author's Page and my Booklife profile.

How I Work

I don't write from outlines. I start with a concept. I will have an idea of the kind of things I want to talk about and sometimes the direction the story will go in with some vague idea of where it will wind up. As I begin writing, the plot and characters suggest possibilities. It will become obvious, in my mind, that characters will have a particular reaction based on what I have already written about them as I delve deeper into their psyches. I will imagine plot devices that are completely unexpected. My original idea of how the story will unfold will take turns and twists. The end may be completely different than what I envisioned. It will always be richer and more complex. It is a wondrous adventure of discovery as I write and rewrite, which is the process by which the book actually become a novel. I constantly find surprises, as if I am watching a movie for the first time in my mind. I see the places and action and hear the sounds.


Member: Writers' Union of Canada   

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