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David A. Wimsett
Author, Journalist and Business Writer

My goal is to create books with complex characters of diverse genders, races and ethnicity, each having the opportunity for self-examination on a deep, personal level while facing realistic life challenges.

The tales are peopled with characters whose details are drawn from personal experience and interactions with individuals from different backgrounds to understand and respect their physical, cultural and emotional lives. From this, fictional characters are created who stand against prejudice and harassment, promote dignity for everyone, confront bigotry from sexism, racism, misogyny and religious intolerance and discover strength inside when hope fails.

I am a member of the Writers' Union of Canada, representing Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje, as well as the Canadian Freelance Guild and the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, where I sit on the Writer's Council.

Member: Writers' Union of Canada   
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I was interviewed for the the October 2021 edition of ev0ke magazine.

My poem, "Undeniable", was a runner-up the 2021 Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia Postcard Poetry contest.

My short story “THE HELL OF IT” was a runner up in the 2020/2021 Askance Publishing Winter Short Story Competition.

Diana Tibert wrote an article on her blog about Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir Saga.


In addition to fiction, I offer professional writing services for businesses, university and governments providing articles, product reviews, business plans, security plans and more.


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